PM Modi Receives Global Goalkeeper Award for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been awarded by Global Goalkeeper Award for Swachh Bharat Mission from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, PM lauded the countrymen for contributing to the greater success of the cleanliness mission, saying he shared the honour with them.

He dedicated the award to those Indians for transforming the Swachh Bharat campaign into a people’s movement and as per the top most priority to the cleanliness in their day-to-day lives.

Further Narendra Modi said that no such campaign was seen or heard about in any other country in the recent past. It has been started by the government but people took the complete control of it. And, that is why, over 11 crore toilets were built in the country in the last five years that was a record.

The World Health Organisation had also acknowledged the amazing efforts of government in this regard and said that because of Swachh Bharat campaign, a possible was brought to save approx three lakh human lives. You might be aware that the Swachh Bharat Mission was launched by the government on Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2, 2014.


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