Do you want to make your career in the creative field?  There many professional as well as creative courses. Whether you have just 12th passed or hold a higher degree, you can go for these courses.

Here is the list of some creative courses in India that let you be creative, and help you to make money doing something you love and make all of the difference in your lives.

Graphic Design

One of the booming industry, graphic designing is the best career opportunity to have a bright future in a creative way. As said, pictures speaks more, there is a lot for graphic designers to put their creativity in presenting the thoughts o the companies a poster form. From logos to movie titles, Blogs, Start-ups, Films, media are in a great need of graphic designers.


Photography is the best field for you if you love catching a cut of life. This calling brings a wide assortment of enhancements, in light of your enthusiasm; you can easily go for photojournalism, wildlife photography, still-life photography and some more. You can flourish a lot in this artistic field as an understudy to an expert photographer.

Interior Designing

If you can fixate on how your furniture is orchestrated, your visitors cannot take their eyes off your show-pieces and your companions complement your taste in designing, at that point this calling will be your heaven. This filed incorporates the designing and coordination of the beautifying components inside a house,

Materials and Garment Designing

Garment construction, texture science, pattern making, equipment production, planning and control, quality assurance, merchandisers in apparel, quality control executive are the specific areas of study. Besides, it fuses professional or diploma oriented program of 1-year length that is identified with retail promoting and design administration.

Leather and Footwear Designing

India is in the second position in the footwear market after China. The primary zones of employees in this sector are handling crude to finished leather, design, production and promoting fine leather merchandise. It covers courses B. Tech Leather Tech, Diploma course in footwear tech and more.

Diamonds and Jewellery

You will be surprised to hear that the Gems and jewellery field is one of the most noteworthy parts of the Indian economy, contributing around 6-7 percent o the country’s GDP. One of the fastest developing areas, this is too great degree exported and labour intensive. There are many courses to pursue understanding material behaviour, filing, piercing, forging, soldering wax modelling, enamelling, stone setting, polishing, and finishing.


Bachelor of Architecture and Diploma in Architecture is a popular course in this field. The architecture industry mainly deals with planning, design, and construction of hours. It also deals with the decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Creative architects are in huge demand. They can come up with plans and designs that help make beautiful homes with all vital comforts and functionality. 

Journalism and Mass Communication

You will be surprised to know that journalism and mass communication is a creative course. There exist many job opportunities after pursuing this course. While the job may seem not too creative at first, you can be innovative and bring new trends. Major Job profiles of journalism and mass communication include producer, director, photographer, etc.

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