Have you seen any person with burn marks?  Have you ever thought to help them by your side?

Facing the world after surviving an acid attack or burn injury brings huge confrontation. Major injuries change how the body looks and works. However, the government is implementing laws for it. The ‘Delhi Arogya Kosh’ provides medical facilities for burn survivors, under this, patients will be provided with complete treatment in nearby hospitals whether it is government or private free of cost. There is no need to carry any document for verification and eligibility.  

Various NGOs are working for the rehabilitation and welfare of these people, working to make them independent, boosting their self-confident and providing them with basic needs. But being the part of society, you can take a few steps to make their life easier and happier. Here, I do not mean to leave your work and dedicate your entire life for their enhancement. I know it is not possible and also not practical.

Considering, everyone has his own challenges and complications in life regarding his study, career, relationship, and family. My purpose of writing this article is to educate all people how you can take small steps on your daily basis to make their life better.

A strong support system of family, friends, and society is essential to for patients. In case, there is any member of the family, going through the same situation, then support them in dealing with their situation and try to take their attention away from the problem. 

When you see or meet someone with burn scars, try to make them comfortable. Some people may stare, avoid contact, or ask pushy questions. It must not be, don’t stare at them constantly, it makes them feel uncomfortable.

These survivors are different when it comes to the subject of talking about their injuries, it’s better to let the patient take the lead in talking about the accident.  If they want to talk about it, and then be a listener, otherwise, don’t pry. Trust me it hurts them a lot when your question reminds him or her about the most painful incident of their life.

If you notice any random person having this kind of problem in bus, train or metro, then don’t react that can feel like disable. They are equally capable of handle things as you do. Thing is, their look is disturbed due to some reason and unfortunately, some people behave in a way that destroys their left self-confidence.

It was just a small step to help those fighters who know are dealing with big disasters every day, if you wish to do so, then start from today. Very true, Rom was not build in a day, but every brick is a move forward towards the building.

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