Just a while ago, news came, "the parliament approved 10% reservations for upper caste people who are economically backward in government jobs and college seats".  This quota will be over and above the existing 50% reservation to the SC, ST, and OBC. The proposed act was initially passed in Lower House on Tuesday and Upper House a day later. At Saturday, President Ram Nath Kovind provided his assent to the constitutional provision of the reservation.

In consonance with the bill, this reservation can be availed by the people whose annual income is underneath Rs 8 lakh and have up to five hectares of agricultural land, the residential property of less than 1,000 sq. Ft and the residential plot less than 109 square yards in a notified municipality, or 209 yards in a non-notified municipality. Whereas the bill also applies to people from all religions, the new public sector job quota and reservation in government colleges, but it is expected to mainly benefit the upper echelons of the Hindu Caste system that has predominantly been a core voter base for the BJP.

All opposition parties are saying, it is the sign as it comes for the bill was the backlash faced by the Bharatiya Janata Party from the upper castes in the recently concluded assembly elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and MP.

Congress has called it an “election gimmick”.

Dalit leader Ramdas Athawale said this decision as a “masterstroke”.


Key Factors

  • This reservation quota will cover nearly 190 million people from the general category and is a consummate endeavor by the BJP government to influence the upper caste people, who have been lobbying for reservation.


  • The bill amends Articles 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution, by adjoining a clause that permits states to form the special provision for the advancements of any economically weaker section of citizens.


  • Among the major castes, who will be benefitted from the proposed law includes Brahmins, Rajputs, Jats, Marathas, Bhumihars, several trading castes, Kapus and Kammas among other Upper Castes.  


  • Earlier, the reservation has been approved, only when given for social and educational backwardness and none of them included economic criteria.


Petition against the Bill

A petition against the bill had been filed in the Supreme Court. This petition was filed by the Youth for Equality it is an organization that is opposing the caste-based reservations. The president of the group, Kaushal Kant said that the amendment violates several basic features of the Constitution and economic criteria cannot be the sole basis for reservation.

This new Bill also violates the basic feature of the Constitution as a reservation on economic grounds cannot be limited to the general category and goes against a Supreme Court ruling that 50% ceiling on the reservation cannot be breached, he added. 

How to do content marketing? What are the best techniques for effective content marketing?

Present-day, content marketing is in great demand. If you are planning to create content market campaigns, but don’t know where, and how to start.

I know it is never easy to start one- it needs a lot of dedication, time, energy and loads of ideas to start with.

In this post, I will discuss some effective and actionable techniques to not only get the most out of your content marketing but to take your overall performance on the next level.

  1. Always Check for Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors not only make you silly among your users but you may suffer a drop in rankings. Google wants to deliver the authoritative output and nothing makes you look less authoritative than having misspellings and grammatical errors throughout your content.

  1. Write Target Focused and Actionable Content

Don’t make your content too broad, it will make tougher for you to generate visitors who don’t convert into customers. Answer the “who” question in content marketing, and understand your customers’ problems. And develop a piece of content around your custom’s pain point, make sure that it is actionable.

  1. Fix Your Marketing Goals

Goals are important; they encourage you to work in the right way. So before completing any task throughout the day, ask yourself, it this task going to get me closer to my goal? If you get a negative answer, don’t go for it.

Once you fix your goal, pick a suitable topic and map out the piece.

  1. Longer Content Performs Better

You may be aware of this, or you might not have heard that longer content not only perform better but also had more qualified leads. A blog post of around 2,500 words can capture attention and offer more relevant information. It can incorporate more keywords and develop the authority of the website that published it.

  1. Do Guest Posting and Get Authority Links

Guest posting works great in getting more people familiar with your brand. Consider it. If your friend introduces you to his friend, you are no longer a stranger to Sally. She will make a lot of positive assumptions about you as per the fact that you are his known friend.

  1. Try to Optimize Your Headlines

If you are not getting a click through your headlines to the post, it does not matter how nice your content is, there will be no traffic on your blog. When Google notices that people are not clicking through, you will see a drop in rankings. Here, include your main keyword in the title, optimize your headline.

  1. Offer Your Content to Your Email List

Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels. If you are not offering exclusive content to your subscribers, you are missing out. People will love it when you tell them that only they are going to get the best content in their mail ID.

  1. Do Social Sharing

Add social sharing buttons throughout your website pages and blog posts. Use an easy, one-click sharing buttons. Here, you can create a CTA (call-to-action) that asks them to share your content on social media.

These are some effective techniques by which you can boost your content. Apart from this keyword research is super important. The better you rank for specific keywords, the better you will perform in the SERPs. Make educating content instead of trying to sell.

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Computer Repair Services

If you are interested in computers and IT, start computer repairing services. With a short-term course in computer repairing, you can start. Present-day, all most every person has a computer or laptop in the city. They can be your potential customers. You can offer these people a convenient and trustworthy service and can make a great deal of money

Become a YouTuber

Make money from hosting videos on YouTube. Video is quickly becoming a vital part of online interaction and content dissemination. Using videos is very easy and taking advantage of Facebook Live to Instagram Videos and Snapchat Stories can earn you an audience.


Are you looking for business ideas? Do you want to start a home-based business?

These days, people are doing different home-based businesses to earn money. It has broken the traditional rule of going for a 9-5 day job and completely changes the nature of work. The best part is that you can start the work at home irrespective of your culture, age, language, and skill. Here, we are presenting the best business ideas that you can start from home.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best business ideas that you can start from your home without any big investment. You only need laptop and fast internet connectivity. With it, you can stay at home and work completely on your schedule. Here, people make money just for people reading their articles from ads.

  1. Tiffin Services

In this modern time, a lot of people are living in metropolitan cities where they live away from their homes. They crave home-cooked meals at an affordable cost. If you are in a locality surrounded by young working people and can cook a tasty meal, then you have a ready market. You can start with the initial phase and then increased slowly. When the demand increased for your food, you need to hire a few more hands.


  1. Computer Repair Services

If you are interested in computers and IT, start computer repairing services. With a short-term course in computer repairing, you can start. Present-day, all most every person has a computer or laptop in the city. They can be your potential customers. You can offer these people a convenient and trustworthy service and can make a great deal of money.

  1. Become a YouTuber

Make money from hosting videos on YouTube. Video is quickly becoming a vital part of online interaction and content dissemination. Using videos is very easy and taking advantage of Facebook Live to Instagram Videos and Snapchat Stories can earn you an audience.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is on great demand these days. It is a kind of service or work offered by an employer to an employee from the remote place for a particular project or for a short time. In the contemporary world, companies and businesses offer various home-based jobs to freelancers because they can save a lot of money with outsourcing projects.

  1. Small E-commerce Store

The increasing impact of the Internet has created a trend that is notably known as Online Shopping. More and more people are showing interest in buying online as they get it more comfortable and easier. People do not have that much time to go to a retail store and negotiate prices. Online retail stores offer the best deals at the best cost. Opening an E-commerce store will generate a very good income. You can sell all kinds of products from stationery items to a variety of cloths.

  1. Manufacturing at Small Scale

There are many FMCG items, consumer durable goods that are manufactured with the support of small-scale industries. These industries outsource these projects to housewives and this turned out to be a nice business idea of housewives. You can start candles, paper plates, paper cups, incense sticks, etc. Start with a small investment and take it from medium scale business and create your fortune.

  1. Creche

A crèche or baby sitter service is also an amazing home-based business. This is mainly suitable for women or a couple who are experienced in handling toddlers or children while understating their needs. Generally, working couples need crèche services where they can keep their kids and focus on their work without any worry.

  1. Home Tuition

Home tuition has been the best-earning source by sharing your knowledge with other people. It is a very cost-effective home business that you can start from zero investment. It is a widely famous business idea in India among many school teacher especially female teachers. For this work, you need to use only one room to conduct tuition classes.

  1. Beauty Parlour

In this changing lifestyle, women have become very concerned about their looks and beauty. The increased demand among the female has given the greatest importance to make themselves look pretty and beautiful. Beauty parlor is the most profitable business idea if you have special skills in care and facial treatments.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Mother’s Day is going to be a little different this year. The day is usually celebrated with family outings to brunch, spans, or family get-others.But as the coronavirus pandemic restricts where we can go, and makes social distancing, we will have to postpone these things to another year It does not mean we will cancel Mother’s Day celebration. Whatever the situation is, there are plenty of opportunities to make this Mother’s Day one will always remember. Here are some amazing ideas to show your appreciation and gratitude to your mother
this year:
Write Her an Online Letter
In our life, we think a lot of people for their help and support but telling our mothers how much we appreciate them is something we always take lightly. But this time, take timeout to appreciate your mother and thanks to her to the things she continues to do foryou. Get nostalgic, write down a poke, or write down anything and post it. Handwritten letters from you will surely make her day.
Make a Video Tribute
Sometimes, writing a letter is not possible. In this situation, you can remind her what a wonderful person she is by gathering video messages of love, you can also ask your
siblings to send their video message an collaborate all of them. Be creative, sing a song, show your affection through a poem, and list all the reasons why she is the best mother in the world.
Bring Back the Music
Remember those old days, when mummy used to sing the hits of her generation. Music has always been an important part of our parent’s lives. But today most of it is either lost
or tough to find on the web. You can bring those days back. This Mother’s Day let’s convert her audio cassettes into CDs or download the tracks and get her young neighbor to transfer them to her music system. Her collection was never meant to gather dust, so surprise her with this
melodious delight.
Spend Virtual Time Together
As we know that unemployment numbers have surpassed over 30 million people due to the COVID-19 crisis. With so many households without paychecks right now, buying a  gift for mothers can be challenging for many people. Mother’s Day is not just aboutmoney, it is about the gesture the thoughtfulness. When you stay away from your mother, a video call could be the solution to spending time together. Since the pandemic begins, various aspects of daily life have converted to online video meetings like happy hours or workout sessions on Google Hangouts or Zoom.
Last Verdict
Mother’s Day this will not look like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong. Don’t let distance get in the way of a lovely Mother’s Day. Try these amazing ideas to treat your supermom even when you are apart.Always remember that your mother will appreciate every gesture. They will love a handwritten note, a phone call- whatever it is. Agatha Christie "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."

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