The central and state governments of India have taken many strong measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

These steps include lockdown throughout the nation, prohibitions under section 144 of the Criminal procedure Code, 1973, and issuing several government advisories on social distancing and mass gathering.

Like the rest of the economy and society, the Indian Entertainment and Media Industry are facing a huge disruption from the coronavirus outbreak.

The government has announced a complete lockdown on public places like theatres. These measures have stopped the production of films, TV series, web-series, and advertisements and have cancelled various live events including the 13th edition of IPL.

While the segments that completely depend on social gatherings like live events, theatres, and films have been affected adversely.

According to the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, the advertisement bookings have gone by 50%. The event and entertainment are going through a very tough time.

This economic disruption has led companies in different sectors to see a huge downfall in their growth.

 One of the worst effective industries in the event industry is witnessing a major dip in its business due to the cancellation of events worldwide. Although, it has increased the number of online discussions, webinars, and live chats to keep the industry active.

But, the daily wage workers and small to medium size companies associated with the trade are going through a challenging situation and need instant support.

Continuity of business for small to mid-size media and production houses have been affecting and has had a direct impact on daily wage earners like spot boys, light boys, artists, and other workers involved in the entertainment business.

Similarly, the newspaper industry is also going through huge problems. It has become tough for newspaper firms to survive with decreasing revenues from advertising as well as circulation. It has affect lakhs of workers working into his news industry.

Effective Prevention to Resolve or Fight with the Situation 

After seeing the practical and commercial impact on media and industry, government and some companies are coming up with several measures to tackle the situation

  • The Cellular Operators Association of India ("COAI") requested the department of telecommunications to issue an order to the east the pressure on the digital infrastructure and facilitate working from home, online education, digital healthcare, banking, and payment system and other important services.
  • Several associations and expert bodies from the medial industry took relief-oriented measures to extend their SUPPORT THE most affected in the sector.

While this pandemic has completely changed the lives of people across the nation, this lockdown has led to an increased demand for content and changed content consumption patterns among people. Now, instead of going to cinema halls, people are mostly watching television channels and OTT platforms.

However, despite the rise in viewership, monetisation and revenues are hugely impacted considering the reduction in ad-speeds by other industries.

Besides, this lockdown adversely impacts a large number of daily wage earns and freelance creative talents. It has also triggered a number of layoffs and pay-cuts in the media industry.

To tackle the situation completely, media companies including production houses need to get ways to increase their use and reliance on technology.

Last Verdict

AS said above, the media and entertainment industry is going through a very tough time, although, as people strive to return to normalcy, eventually the industry may be amongst the first few to recover, and start providing everyone across all mediums and segments, the media and entertainment industry

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