Today, a lot of people are investing in their talent and starting side hustles. If you are among them who are daydreaming about quitting your day job and taking a strong step to pursue your passion project full-time, but not able to get time from your nine-to-five job.

So how you can save an extra few hours into our already jam-packed iCal? We asked, and the experts answered: Here are some easy ways you can make time for you side hustle on top of your full-time gigs.

Outsource Your Service

A lot of people tell that we do not have that much time so how to do anything. Here we will tell you to outsource the service you.  Although, still you will have to maintain most things by yourself, but you can automate almost everything else.

No doubt, outsourcing will cost you a big amount but when you work out the cost vs. time saved you might find you’d be paying yourself less than minimum wage to do a task. Sometime, you may feel bogged down and that is completely okay to take support.


Lump Tasks Together

See, this is quite common that when you start something, finding the balance in your work and home life with your new hobby can be challenge.

 It will be tempting to try and be multitasking like writing emails while you pack the dishwasher. Many people believe that multitasking wastes more time than it saves. Instead, lump tasks together, your business as well as everyday works.

The best way to save your time is to prepare one big meal and spread it out in the whole week.

Try to take the advantage of your commute to know more about your field or listen to relevant podcasts while you walking.

Follow The 'Pomodoro'

When anyone starts doing something his own, few of them fall into the trap of pushing themselves too hard. They force themselves to work uncountable hours with no breaks.

Keep this fact in your mind that just because you are working hard it doesn’t mean you are working smart. Follow the Pomodoro technique and give yourself regular breaks. You might not know that our mind can’t focus for very long.

 The Pomodoro app gives you 25 minutes to work on a certain task, and then you can take a short break (5 minutes) or a long break (15 minutes.) It will keep you on task, but allows you to refresh your mind so you will not feel overwhelmed.


Schedule Appointments

Get some time each day to work at your side gig. Treat this time like a doctor’s appointment; do never cancel it.  While reading through emails, think Could the time is better spent elsewhere.

 Even if you have a lot time but how you prioritize makes all the difference. You can take help from the time management tools to keep track of all of the tasks.  

Pre-prep your dinners. Then, you will not have to figure out what to eat for dinner after returning from your office.  You would go home and do things that you needed; it made getting through the day hat much easier.


Be The Part Of A Mastermind Group.

When you become accountable to someone else it gives you the extra push you need to keep moving and progressing.

It is really tough to stay motivated when the only person who knows if you didn’t do something is you. Joint a mastermind group where you can share your achievements, workload and failure. It will keep your motivated to do better plus a little encouragement that goes a long way.

Apart from the above tips, try to save time from your daily routine. Like work on your side hustle at lunch, try to make the most of your 30 minutes by answering emails and phone calls or checking in on your social media. There are many social media tools that you can use to manage your side hustle while you’re at your day job.


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