YouTube vs. TikTok broke the internet on May 8 when content creator Ajay Nagar, who runs a famous YouTube channel CarryMinati, published a roast on targeting TikTok users.

Within 24 hours, this video has gone viral; also #CarryMinati started trending Twitter India.

This was a 12-minute video in which Nagar mainly targeted a TikTok user, Amir Siddiqui who has earlier tried to roast YouTube content creators through viral videos.

Today article's What You Need to Know about YouTube Vs TikTok Battle highlights the information you may wnat to know about this ongoing visual battle.

How the Battle ‘YouTube vs. TikTok’ started?

The controversy between the users of YouTube and TikTok began sometime back when a YouTube roaster said to the other side for creating cheap content.

Then, a girl on TikTok made a video and complaint about Youtubers for using abusive language on YouTube. Also a statement by an Indian YouTube that popular TikToker users purchase blue ticks from Instagram or by making fake Wikipedia for the blue ticks from the company.

A huge number of TikTok videos went viral on the digital platform gave netizens their dose of cringe. Meanwhile, YouTubers replied to them that lipsync is not a talent that provoked TikTokers. This is how the battle between TikTok and YouTube begun.

Then Amir Siddiqui posted a video that sparked the entire controversy. Youtubers also came forward and game replied. While, many YouTubers have posted videos and targeted the content creators of TikTok but the best one was posted by CarryMinati.

CarryMinati uploaded a video criticising Tiktokers and roasted Amir Siddiqui. This video went viral and bagged views in millions.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is famous video sharing platform. It allows users to create short music and lip-sync videos of 15 seconds. The most popular use of this application is to create videos where people do lip-syncing and dance.  

TioTok has always been controversy in India, earlier it was banned for its obscene content after a PIL was filed against it. Although, it was lifted after the company ByteDance said that it would suffer the loss of more than $500,000 a day and has put over 250 jobs in jeopardy.

Who is CarryMinati?

CarryMinati is a YouTube channel of Ajay Nagar, who is a popular Indian YouTuber. He is mainly famous for his comedic skits and reactions to different topics on his channel that has over 14 million subscribers today.

It is just not the first time; CarryMinati’s video is breaking the Internet and his over 20 million views. He regularly creates videos on gaming and rapping. Now, he roasts other viral videos on his YouTube channel.

Who is Amir Siddiqui?

Amir Siddiqui is a popular TikTok Star and famous for his acting and TikTok videos. He is quite known on his Social Media side with huge fans following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Carry Minati’s roast video came out as a reply to Amir Siddiqui previous video in which he was raising questions on YouTuber’

This time, still the comments and discussion on CarryMinati’s video keep increasingCarryMinati Vs Amir Siddiqui funny memes and jokes are all over the social sites.

Bottom Line

While all these things are floating, Amir Siddiqui has said sorry through his Instagram stories. So now, YouTubers and TikTokers both are saying that people should now stop trolling him. Take the matter in a funny and enjoyable way, this is okay but hate comments and abusive words must not be.

What is your point of view about this TikTok vs. YouTube battle? Share your view in the comment section below. Also, share your knowledge on What You Need to Know about YouTube Vs TikTok Battle.


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