In the last few years, fashion magazine has gained great popularity, especially women with the development in the fashion industry. These magazines bring the latest fashion trends to the common men and offer access to the latest fashion news, trends in styles, beauty tips, lifestyle, celebrities, accessories, models and designers.

Here is the list of top ten fashion magazines in India which are most widely read in the country and loved by both women and men:

  1. Cosmopolitan: The renowned international fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan is widely read in India. It was started in the year 1886 and focused on trends, celebrity styles, health, and self-improvement. Cosmopolitan is edited by Nandini Bhalla.
  2. Elle Magazine: The famous French Origin Magazine, Elle Magazine is based on the lifestyle of women needs, what new for them, health and relationship to travel. It was first published in India in the year 1996.  
  3. Femina: One of the oldest fashion magazines in India, Femina is based on the concept of women's upliftment. It is renowned as the sponsor of Miss Indian Pageant. It covers articles related to fitness, women’s health, advice, fashion and covers the latest events also.
  4. Harpers Bazaar: Publish in 1897 in the USA; Harpers Bazaar is focused on the lifestyle and fashion of the upper-middle and upper elite class of the society. Its Indian edition was launched in the year 2009. The inaugural edition of the magazine covers 200 pages and was more on terms of an encyclopaedia of fashion.
  5. Marie Clarie: One of the famous fashion magazines of India, Marie Claire covers health, beauty, and fashion topics. It was first published in France and the first issues of this magazine were published in the year 1937. It is disturbed in other countries with edition specific to them and their languages.
  6. Maxim India: A UK based magazine, Maxim mainly focuses on men’s health. It is one of the most popular magazines in India and its cover mainly showcase the well-known females of the industry right from actresses, fitness trainers, and singers.
  7. New Woman: Another famous fashion magazine in India, New Women is about women's health and issues. It brings a healthy dose of entertainment and fashion. Founded in the year 1996, New Woman is Hema Malini’s magazine; she tries to provide her readers with good content to better their lives.
  8. Savvy: Fashion Magazine: Launched in 1984, Savvy is a famous fashion magazine focused on fashion. It is edited by Andrea Costabir and tries to aid the well-being of women by empowering them with global knowledge. Savvy Fashion Magazine supports women reshape their lives and succeed the way they want.
  9. Women’s Era: One of the leading brands of Delhi Press Magazine, Women’s Era covers fashion, cookery, articles, contents, serial episode, health, people and more. It was first published in 1973 and has become one of the largest selling English magazines in India for women.
  10. Vogue India: Renowned as the best fashion magazine of India, Vogue India was founded in the year 1892 in the USA. It entered India in the year 2007 and today it is known to be the most read fashion magazine that mainly focuses on the fashion need of Indian women. It presents articles on the latest trends, living, wellness, culture and more.


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