With stunning beaches, a flourished culture, ancient heritage buildings, and majestic temples, India has always been one of the world’s most enthralling destinations.

It is not surprising that India has produced many travel bloggers who are taking on the world one blog post at a time. Here are some of the best and most famous travel bloggers of India:

Lakshmi Sharath

One of the best travel bloggers of India, Lakshmi Sharath is an inspiration if you wish or planning for a vacation. Initially, she started working as a medical professional but then she was also a traveller, travel writer, and photographer.

Lakshmi has been active bloggers and shares some of the best travelling experiences. Her blog “A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker’ includes some interesting stories about her amazing experiences in India.

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath has set an example for all the travel buffs who want to explore the world. Shivya loves to lead a nomadic life exploring various colours of the world. Her travel blog “The Shooting Star” has captured a lot of attention for the adventures she has come across.

Mridula Dwivedi

An Indian travel writer, Mridula Dwivedi carries a sweet smile on her face everywhere she goes. Mridula started her career as a professor but her travel instincts made her quit her job and explore the world. Her blog “Travel Tales from India & Abroad” incorporate some of the best travel stories.

Venkat Ganesh

If you are someone who likes road trips on the bike, Venkat Ganesh’s blog will leave your eyes wide open. He is famous for his awesome solo bike trip. The first time, he took first bike trip in 2011 that made him later quite his job. His blog “India Backpack Motorbike’ chronicles some of the outstanding travel experiences.

Prasad Np

If you love to head out on a vacation with your family, Prasad Np has some of the best destinations for you. He parted ways from the monotonous life and found the real charm in travelling. Prasad’s blog has a lot to tell you about the majestic beauty of India. He loves to write about Wildlife, Nature, and conservation.

Ankita Sinha

Love to travel the world fullest, Ankita Singha is creating a sensation among the travel freaks. She has a unique way to jot down her travel journey in her blog. If you want to set foot in each of the countries then you must do so. Ankita says that we must not limit ourselves to travel. In 2 years, Ankia has covered a lot of national and international destinations.

Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma is a passionate lover of the Himalayas; he has a lot to tell about his never-ending expeditions. He is a software project manager by profession and has that quality to explore the outer world. His blog ‘Devil on Wheel” brings a lot of travel stories. He is the perfect example who has an extreme desire for exploring new things.

Rachel Jones

An American by birth, Rachel Jones is another famous travel blogger in India. It is said that when the beaches call, you will have to be there and Rachel too could stop herself from that. Presently, she is living in Goa and her ‘Hippie in Heels’ shares a lot of amazing stories of different destinations across the world. 

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